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Bluefield West Virginia Economic Development Authority partners with MOBI for free online entrepreneurial training

The Bluefield, West Virginia Economic Development Authority is providing a free online entrepreneurial training through a partnership with the "My Own Business Institute" also known as (MOBI) at Santa Clara University.

The new program was presented during the city council meeting Wednesday.

By offering the MOBI entrepreneurial course, it will deploy training to entrepreneurs seeking new businesses in the Bluefield area and support existing businesses that need to adapt due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The online accessibility of MOBI's content provides the flexibility for participants to complete their courses with the shelter-in-place order, as well as when restrictions are lifted.

"One of the modules in the class for business expansion through MOBI is adapting in the midst of change. We're facing new challenges. I think that our businesses are hopefully rebounding as best as they can. Some are looking to diversify. I think they need to look at the new way. I don't know if we will ever go back to what it was like completely before. We need to look at eCommerce, and other things like that to grow your business. It is a challenge and we're trying to work with businesses to help them do that but they have to find a new way to require customers, and things like that to continue to provide their goods and services," CED & BEDA Executive Director, Jim Spencer said.

So far there have been eight people to sign up to participate in MOBI. One of those participants has already graduated within 48 hours.

To sign up for this program visit this link:

When asked for an affiliation select “MyBluefield Economic Development Authority

When prompted for an enrollment key to begin classes, enter BEDA in all caps.

For questions regarding enrollment, contact Jim Spencer at or Savannah Carabin at

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