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State Democratic Chair calls on W.Va. GOP to denounce Anti-Semitic remarks by Senate Candidate Robert Karnes

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WVVA) - WV State Democratic Party Chairwoman Belinda Biafore is calling on Chairwoman Melody Potter and the WV GOP to denounce the recent, anti-Semitic hate speech spread by Robert Karnes, the Republican nominee for WV Senate in the 11th district.

In a post on Facebook, Karnes pushed a false conspiracy theory that George Soros made his fortune by “selling Jews to the Nazis.”

He made this statement to Delegate Mike Pushkin, a Jewish member of the WV House of Delegates.

Karnes then explained that since Pushkin and Soros were both followers of the Jewish faith, Pushkin could “be like George.” 

“This kind of hateful, anti-Semitic language has no place in West Virginia and it certainly has no place in our state’s Capitol,” said Chairwoman Biafore. “I hope Chairwoman Melody Potter and the entire WV GOP will do the right thing and denounce this awful rhetoric.”

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Bailey Pace

Social Media and Digital Content Manager

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