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Greenbrier County church COVID-19 case number rises

UPDATE: The Greenbrier County Health Dept. confirmed on Monday seven more positive cases. That brings the total associated with the church to 41.

Greenbrier County has had a total of 51 cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic began, with 10 of those cases fully recovered.

LEWISBURG, W.Va. (WVVA) Days after a COVID-19 outbreak inside a Greenbrier County church, the mother of a member of the Church is coming forward saying she was never notified of an outbreak.

Ashley Guet's son, 12, attended the Graystone Baptist Church in Lewisburg on Sunday, June 7th. She said she was notified Wednesday by a youth pastor that services had been cancelled that day, but there was no mention at that time of a possible COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, she said COVID-19 was never mentioned by the church until she learned of the outbreak on over the weekend.

Between Wednesday and finding out on Saturday, she said her family continued on with their normal activities, including shopping at Walmart, grocery shopping, and caring for her mother-in-law who battles Multiple Sclerosis.

"The potential that is there is mind-blowing. I feel guilty. I feel awful. I question myself, saying I should not have sent my son that day. I trusted them. I believed in them. I thought they had my son and my family's best interest at heart, but apparently they did not."

While it is up to the Greenbrier County Health Dept. to do contact tracing, she said the Church had all her correct phone numbers and addresses on file to provide them.

Guet also provided copies of her correspondence with a youth pastor at the church, showing the Church knew of at least two cases of COVID-19 as early as Wednesday.

Guet and her family have since been tested and are still awaiting results.

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