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Walmart customers have mixed feelings in regards to Monday’s mask mandate

On Monday, Walmart is set to begin a mask mandate for shoppers at every Walmart in the country, and customers are reacting to the new rules.

"I think it's a smart move to help keep the spread of COVID-19 down," Customer, Rock Hall said.

For David Brown, he says he's on board because he's ready for life to go back to normal.

"I'm totally OK with it. I fill like it's better to do especially as a whole and here we're a small town. It's not that big of a deal. I use to think it was, but I started to change my mind on that," Brown said.

Many retailers have hesitated to require masks inside stores for fear of upsetting some customers and also putting their employees on the front line of enforcing the mask mandate.

"If I had a restaurant or if I had a business of my own, and I wanted to protect my customers from the people that insist on not wearing a mask, the number one thing that can curve this disease, then if I make it mandatory it's my business. It belongs to me and if I want it to impose that law then I can to help protect the customers that want to wear mask and don't want to spread this," Customer, Michael Barker said.

For some the mask mandates go too far and they plan to take their business where masks are optional.

"It's ridiculous and I'm not going to wear them. I guess if I have to wear a mask at Walmart I will just shop somewhere else," Customer, Bobby Clyburn said.

Some believe businesses mandating masks need to provide the face coverings.

"I think that any business who wants you to wear a mask and that's what the governor ask, they should supply them for people can't afford them or don't have them with them. Sometimes you change cars and you don't have the same car everyday and you might leave it at home so they should have a mask for you because they need your business," Customer, Sis Williams said.

There are some alternatives for customers who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, like face shields or other coverings. There are also online options for pickup and delivery.

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