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Local business provides virtual resources for your kids as the school year begins.

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A parking lot may be the last location you pictured your child to get their education, but this may be your first best option for reliable internet access, a vital component to sign up for the virtual education option this fall.

The owner of Pinheads bowling alley in Oak Hill said the need for internet access in rural West Virginia is growing as schools begin to offer students the option of a virtual education if parents don't want to risk sending them to class during the pandemic.

"If you drive a mile down the road on Route 61 you lose cell phone reception and also when you get back into the hollers. People don't have the option for internet even if they did have the financial means to be able to have it," said owner of Pinheads Alison Ibarra.

Ibarra said it's her motivation to expand wi-fi access points through the service of KTS.

"Even if you were trying to give them free internet they'd have to come into your business or sit somewhere and now they can just sit in the safety and comfort of their cars to get their work done," said Key, Telephone and Security employee Brandon Gibson.

Ibarra said it's more than just a bowling alley this is home.

"This is a community, if the community dies of course our business dies, but more importantly to me personally, this is where i want to raise my family, this is where i grew up. I'm proud of this area and when people need help, you help them out. that's what you do," Ibarra said.

Fayette County's school superintendent said he'd like to see other businesses follow Ibarra's lead, as it will assist in the delivery of a quality online education in the county.

"This is an example of them being good citizens to back us and we greatly appreciate it," said Fayette County superintendent Gary Hough.

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