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BREAKING: BRMC Emergency Department to remain open

MERCER COUNTY (WVVA) -- The Emergency Department at Bluefield Regional Medical Center will remain open, Princeton Community Hospital officials announced Wednesday.

The ER is now called 'Princeton Community Hospital Bluefield Emergency Department.'

In May, PCH announced the full closure of Bluefield Regional Medical Center, but expressed its desire to 'keep the emergency department with lab and x-ray support operational at BRMC.'

According to a press release, The PCH Bluefield Emergency Department will be open 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Services available at the PCH Bluefield Emergency Department include:

Emergency Services

  • Emergency-trained and experienced physicians and nurses on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  
  • Emergent treatment/stabilization for all illnesses and injuries, including cardiac, stroke, respiratory and traumatic injuries  
  • Diagnostic testing, including 24/7 lab and imaging services (CT and x-ray)
  • Decontamination room 
  • Helipad
  • Emergency Transfer/transport arrangements readily available as needed

Laboratory Services  

  • Hematology testing, which includes CBC, differentials and platelet counts
  • Coagulation testing, which includes PT, PTT, PFA and D-Dimer
  • Urinalysis
  • Chemistry testing, which includes complete metabolic profiles, lipid, thyroid panel, drug screens, select therapeutic drugs and spinal fluids  
  • Rapid testing for influenza, RSV and strep 

Imaging Services 

  • Low-dose CT scan  
  • Digital X-Ray 
  • CT scans

Other Services 

  • Helicopter transport to other facilities
  • Ambulance transport  

The PCH Bluefield Emergency Department will open its doors on August 1st. To reach the ER, call (304) 327-1500.

Jade Burks

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