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Tazewell County Animal Shelter puts adoptions on hold due to COVID-19

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TAZEWELL, W.Va. (WVVA) - Pet adoptions have come to a halt for the time being in Tazewell County.

The Tazewell County Animal Shelter has closed its doors due to concerns regarding the increase of COVID-19 cases. The board of supervisors made that decision, along with the closure of several other businesses.

Ginny Dawson, director of the Tazewell County Animal Shelter, says that this situation is frustrating for all parties involved.

"We hate it for the community, just because they like to visit, people like to come see the animals, even if they're not looking to adopt. Just to adopt or just socialize with them. So that part of it, for us and the animals, is hard," said Dawson.

The shelter is still taking in the unwanted or lost animals, as well as continuing to run its rescue missions. Adoptions and in-person visitations are not happening for the time being;.

"As far as the animals go, we're still working with all of our rescues, in and out of state. We're still working with our veterinarian offices and animal control is still picking up strays," Dawson explained. "So, we're still able to bring in the strays to where they're safe and things like that, as well as move animals out to rescue while they can't be adopted."

On a positive note, Dawson says it allows staff to spend a little more quality time with the animals.

"It gives us extra time with the staff here. We get the animals out, and they get more exercise time and more playtime and things like that, because we want to make sure that we're still enriching them in spite of that fact that we're closed to the public," said Dawson.

There is no word as to when the shelter will reopen its doors for visitation.

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Christina Kass

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