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Owl Released in Mercer County

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Two Weeks ago… A Mercer County woman driving home late from work on route Fifty Two near Bramwell came upon and rescued an injured Owl.

Over the Weekend… that Owl got released back into his natural habitat.

WVVA Photojournalist Mark Hughes was there for the big event.

Erica Damewood: "I was coming back from work about eleven thirty at night from Welch, We had worked in the OR late ane as I drove up the hill just past Bramwell he was in the middle of the road just sitting there and at first I thought that's not what I just saw so I circled back and he was still sitting there. It didn't move at all and I parked right next to it in the middle of the road. I opened the door and walked toward it and it flew just like two feet and sat down again. i found a raincoat in my car and I just laid it over top of it so I put it on my lap and it road and it road all the way to Athens with me from Bramwell"
Wendy Perrone: "The Bard Owl is a species that is probably the most common Owl that we here in West Virginia"
Natural Sound of an Owl..
Wendy Perrone: "You'll hear this day or night"
Natural Sound of Bard Owl
Wendy Perrone: "They go after small rodents, they go after , this year, ciacadas they love those"
Natural Sound of Bard Owl
Wendy Perrone: "They actually have twenty different calls at least"
More Natural Owl Sound
Wendy Perrone: "We are very fortunate that this Bard Owl has been with us for about two weeks. He is healed up from his concussion and he's been doing great so we are here in Mercer County to release him back in a beautiful area that has a great pond and some excellent woodlands and the whole habitat is just perfect for him. You know that is the given thought it always feels awesome. But the other part of it is that knowing an eco system regained a part of a member that's important for it's functioning"
Natural Sound of child.."Oh my god" then an adult "he is so beautiful"….
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