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#HometownHero: Monique Rash

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It was a case of right place in the right time for Family Nurse Practitioner, Monique Rash who was on her way to work at the Tug River Medical Center formerly the Tug River Clinic when she noticed a man waving his arms in distress. She initially thought there was a car accident.

"Anytime I see an accident I always stop that's my calling
If there's a person in need I have to turn back around," said Rash.

At the scene was a man with no pulse. Through CPR Rash and a firefighter who was nearby helped bring that man back to life.

A native of Jenkinjones, the Mount View and Marshall University grad
Rash knew she wanted to go into the medical profession at a young age.

"I've had so many tragedies in my life, [at] four years old my mom passed away," said Rash.

"I knew how the healthcare was back then and that's what drove me to become a nurse because i wanted to do better than was done."

Rash has spent six years the Tug Fork Clinic in Northfork.

"This is my roots. I came to the clinic we have in Gary at two or three years old and here I am now," said Rash.

"I'm actually working at the clinic that was my health care place Even I see a lot of patients that saw me at a young child and they go look at there. Look at you now."

It's that pride in the community that raised her that still speaks loud, proud and is saving lives.

"I know where i came from and I'll never forget it."

Joshua Bolden

WVVA Today & WVVA @ Noon Anchor

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