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Tonight marks International Observe the Moon Night

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WVVA- The moon is in the spotlight as tonight is set aside to celebrate the celestial body.

It's International Observe the Moon Night, a worldwide public science festival all about lunar science and exploration.

An expert with NASA tells WVVA what makes the event so special to her.

"When I go out and look at the moon I know that people all over the world will be looking at the same moon as I am," said NASA public engagement,Molly Wasser.

Nasa says observe the moon night is a great time to view the moon because it will be high in the sky at sunset and it will be in it's first quarter phase.

"This means that half of the moon will appear light and half of the moon will appear dark to us earth observers and some of the best places to look at the cratered landscape of the moon is along that line of day and night,"said NASA public engagement, Andrea Jones.

This occasion isn't the only thing going on at NASA.

The Apollo program's twin, Artemis, is prepared to make it's own step into the history books. The mission: Sending the first woman to the moon.

"Which I am super excited about as a woman in science. To be able to live to see that," Wasser said.

"...And through Artemis we're going to establish a sustained presence on the moon which will help us take the next giant leap on to mars," Jones said.

And though project that will shatter the glass ceiling in space isn't set to launch until 2024, there's a lot more to look forward to during the night of moon observation.

Due to the positions of the sun and the moon, people with their eyes on the night skies will be able to see a little farther around the edge of the moon, revealing features that aren't normally visible.

"We'll be able to see the locations of every Apollo landing sight, lots of lunar marite, the cooled seas of lava, the dark patches that we see on the dark side of the moon and some spectacular craters and landscapes," Jones said.

For more information on Observe the Moon Night click this link.

Tiara Brown

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