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ELECTION PREVIEW: Mayor of Bluefield, VA

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BLUEFIELD, Va. (WVVA)- Voters in the town of Bluefield, Virginia will have a new Mayor after the general election, as the sitting Mayor is not seeking re-election. The two men vying for the job are Jarrod Bailey, and Donald Linkous. We asked both about what they see as the big issues facing the town.

Linkous says there's a single issue: Fiscal responsibility. He shares his game plan to deal with it if he's elected.

"The one thing I think we can do is listen to our town manager, look at our finances, see where they are and then develop a worse case scenario, and prepare yourself so that you're ready and don't get too far in debt that you have to do something crazy like raise taxes," Linkous said.

Bailey feels there are two key issues: Job and population losses. Bailey says he'll tackle both if he wins this election.

"I think the key there is leadership. To try to bring people together to try to sit down focus on the issues and develop plans. We can talk about problems all day long, but until we sit down and develop plans and decide who we partner with and how we work together to correct these things they're not going to get any better," Bailey said.

While both candidates would be first-time Mayors, both have been active as town council members. We gave each the chance to tell us why they are the best choice for Mayor for voters in Bluefield.

"I have not been in politics long. I'm not a career politician. I ran for council, I've been on there for two years and I've learned a lot. I look at things from a more analytical standpoint and a business standpoint. At the end of the day the citizens of Bluefield are the customers of the town and we have to do what's best for them. We have to take care of them and make sure they are satisfied and taken care of," Bailey said.

"It's experience. I've been there since the early 80s. The council members need to be able to trust you, and know that you have their back and you're not here to undermined them. One of my main goals is bring unity to this group. Make everybody friendly whether you vote for something or whether you don't vote for something. Let's work together to get our goals all on the same page. I think I have enough experience and how to go about that," Linkous said.

Voters go to the polls to decide on November 3rd.

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