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Adult Daycare Center in Falls Mills reaches final construction stages

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FALLS MILLS, V.a. (WVVA) -- The final building blocks of a seven and a half year long project are being laid, as the Adult Daycare Center in Falls Mills reaches its finishing stages of construction.

The new adult center is roughly 70% complete with a price tag of $2.5 million. It's on schedule for completion in late December 2020.

The Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens is behind this project. The group says this repurposed facility is not solely dedicated to seniors, it will also be space for those eighteen and older with physical disabilities.

Regina Sayers, Executive Director of the AASC says, "We wanted to make this a multi-purpose center, a true community center. And they will share meals, they will share recreation, education, activities, with each other and provide that socialization that they need to prevent depression and loneliness."

A medical program called PACE, Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, will be based here, including services like physical therapy and more, as well as transportation to and from appointments.

"It's for anyone over the age of fifty five that lives in our four county area and wants to live at home. But they need eligibility to be placed in a nursing home, but they want to stay at home," said Sayers. "We provide their medical care and their social care -- 365 days a year, 24 hours a day."

Hot meals for the elderly will also be provided for those in the community two to four days a week, focusing on those within a five mile radius.

Peace of mind to caregivers is the driving force behind this center, a safe, caring place offering respite to those caregivers,

Maggie Asbury, the Northern District Board of Supervisor, said that this center is a vital part to helping those in need of care and those giving it. "You want them to have the very best care possible -- you don't realize the challenges. Most people's home aren't even set up to take care of someone elderly. So this program right here in Falls Mills, Virginia, is truly a godsend."

Christina Kass

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