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ELECTION PREVIEW: Greenbrier County Commission

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GREENBRIER COUNTY W. VA (WVVA) - In the Greenbrier County Commission race, Republican Lowell Rose is running to keep his seat, but democrat candidate Dan Withrow, is campaigning to win that position.

Rose said his purpose for running for re-election is to finish the projects he started including: the waterline projects to serve the western end of the county, the Caldwell sewage and drainage project, and the broadband projects, among several others.

According to Rose, Greenbrier County has the most projects of any county in the region, and his background in construction and engineering will prove to be a valuable asset to the completion of those projects.

"There's a tremendous amount of work going on and I would love to be here to finish out these projects, I've helped design them," said Rose. "I can take the plans that are drawn up for these projects, and I could actually do the project because I've been there...I could operate the equipment or supervise, either one, so that's why I want to be here to finish my projects that I've got going on," said Rose.

His oppenent Dan Withrow said if elected his goals as a county commissioner would be eliminating the multi-million dollar sportsplex project, opening up the floor for more public input and pushing for development of the small towns in Greenbrier County.

"My main reason for running is the sportsplex and the money being wasted there. That project was basically decided by three county commissioners back in 2016 without any public input," said Withrow. "I feel like there should be a comprehensive plan to develop recreational, youth recreational programs in Greenbrier County and I also feel like we need more transparency in the government in the county commission."

As for their experience, Rose has been on the county commission for two terms, which he said has allowed him to build contacts and get to know people who can help fund projects in Greenbrier County.

"[I have] The advantage of knowing a lot of these people at the state level and who to go to for different things, for grants or to talk about different funding and things," said Rose. "The region four planning and development folks I know all them and I work with them and serve on the region four planning board now, and it just makes things so much easier [because] you can go after projects and you can go after money."

His opponent Dan Withrow said he has started multiple different organizations in the community and has over three decades in public service.

"I have been on the public service district board for thirty years, and I have been a chairman for 15 years and we have dealt with multi-million dollar projects," said Withrow. "We have extended sewer to an excess of over 1,000 customers in those thirty years, and dealing with the public as well as dealing with the government and the hoops you have to jump through for government, which is the main thing that qualifies me."

Greenbrier County residents will head to the polls to choose the next county commissioner on November 3.

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