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Early voting in West Virginia starts Wednesday, Mercer County gears up

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MERCER COUNTY, (WVVA)- Early voting is just two days away in West Virginia, and workers at the polls and volunteers are gearing up for a major turnout.

"The advantage to early voting is that it keeps lines down from the day of election. Your vote will already be tallied in and ready to go and you don't have to worry about your vote getting lost and it's going to be there and counted on election day and it will be less lines," Volunteer for the Mercer County Republican Committee, Adam Wolfe said.

"It gives you a chance to cast your ballot early. It gives you a chance to avoid lines. With COVID-19 it allows you to social distance and it's important to be able to choose your risk level when voting, and early voting does that for you," Member of the Mercer County Democratic Committee, Deb McCarthy said.

With about two weeks to go until November 3rd, early voting can reduce the burdens on people working at the polls.

"It lets us know how deeply engaged people are in the process. If people go out and early vote you know they want to go out and early vote. They're aren't going to wait, they're aren't going to take a chance, they're are going to vote because they want to exercise their right," McCarthy said.

With in person early voting, you can cast your ballot with less stress.

"If you have any concerns about your mail in ballot the advantage is that you can come in and cast your early vote and know that your vote is going to count on election day," Wolfe added.

Early voting can also be helpful if you don't work a 9 to 5 job.

"Some people who are employed find it hard to get time off from work to go vote. Early voting gives you 10 days to choose your time to go vote including Saturday from 9 to 5. There's more options for times and days," McCarthy explained.

If you plan to vote early, and have received a mail in ballot, bring that ballot with you so that poll workers can cancel it as you vote in person.

"If you show up to vote in person and do not have your ballot with you, you may not be able to vote in person because they've already mailed it to you, so make sure you take it with you," McCarthy said.


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