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Interference in U.S. Election, what does this mean for voters

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(WVVA)- With less than two weeks until the general election, Iran and Russia have both gathered information about American voters' registrations and are trying to influence voters.

The FBI says they sent spoofed e-mails, designed to intimidate voters, and it's something West Virginia's Secretary of State, Mac Warner is calling an major issue.

Warner says the goal is to create chaos and confusion.

"If you get an email or other social media item. If you think it's unusual and something is wrong with this email, I want you to say something. If you see something, say something. Do not be alarmed. Don't send it on. That is how these foreign actors are trying to attempt and penetrate and cause confusion in our election system," Warner said.

So far residents living in four states were impacted, including Alaska, Pennsylvania, Florida and Arizona.

"I'm here to assure the voters in West Virginia is not one of those states," Warner said.

At the local level, McDowell County wasn't impacted either.

"Nobody in McDowell County, none of our voters have contacted us about any situation so far. Nobody has reported anything to us but I do feel like the Secretary of State's Office would be hands on and they would come here and help us take care of any situation that would arise. Mac Warner, our Secretary of State was here yesterday (Wednesday), and talked about this as well and just touching bases to see if we needed anything and to make sure that we were ready for election day. So I feel like things are on the up and up," Elections Deputy Clerk for McDowell County, Crystal Greer said.

"I want everyone to feel comfortable in voting and to know that your vote will count," Warner said.

The alleged compromise to the U.S. election is currently under investigation.

Star Connor

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