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Mercer Co. Board of Health to set limitations on indoor sports crowd size

(WVVA) - Future indoor athletic competitions at the middle and high school level in Mercer County will have limited fan capacity, the Board of Health decided in a meeting on Monday.

The board proposed only individuals with tickets will be allowed to attend games, but the number of tickets provided for each competition will be limited.

The board will monitor both the infection rate and percent positivity of the county, as reported by the West Virginia DHHR on Fridays. Based on the color of each metric, the board will determine how many tickets each student-athlete will be allotted per game for the coming week.

  • Both metrics (infection rate/percent positivity) in GREEN = 6 tickets per student-athlete
  • Either metric in YELLOW, but neither higher than yellow = 4 tickets per student-athlete
  • Either metric in GOLD, but neither higher than gold = 2 tickets per participant
  • Either metric in ORANGE or RED = 0 tickets

A member of the board confirmed that those tickets can be distributed to whomever the athlete chooses. The tickets will not be required to be given to immediate household members and grandparents.

WVVA will continue to monitor this story as it develops.

Nick Dugan

Sports Director

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