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Local residents prepare for Thanksgiving Eve

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Mercer County, W.v. (WVVA) -- 'Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the stores, people are preparing for their turkey day chores.

But due to gathering restrictions and social distancing, the normal big dinners are looking a little different this year.

"This year is going to be pretty simple because we don't have anybody coming. Usually we have a houseful, it's just going to be my wife and I," said Ed Sheridan, adding that he had made a pumpkin pie with his wife that very morning.

"Well my mom always starts preparing on Tuesday and starts cooking and makes the desserts first, and then she saves them. And then she cuts all her vegetables on Wednesday, so it's ready to start cooking on Thursday," explained Violet McJunkin.

Another resident added that this year would include her favorite foods, but not the same amount of company.

"I'm here in West Virginia by myself, so I'm just making my greens and my little turkey, you know the turkey wings, not the whole turkey," said Latosha Ivery.

But the key to a successful Thanksgiving feast? Knowing one's way around the kitchen.

Cameron Gasperson said cooking wasn't her forte. "I don't know nothing about cooking so I've been just--"

"Leaning into her parents," finished her boyfriend, Mason Wes.

Sheridan added that it's not the quantity of food, but the quality. "Make enough to eat, but don't make enough so that you can't put it back in the fridge."

"Just read the whole recipe and you'll be prepared and you know what you have to do next," said McJunkin.

While some avoid the kitchen all together during the cooking process, like Julia Hungerford.

"I do the dishes, I do the dishes. If you keep the dishes done, people will want to cook."

But if there's one cardinal rule to follow, Ivery says that it's to cook with all your heart.

"I don't know, just cook with love."

Christina Kass

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