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Local vet tech warns against giving pets Thanksgiving left overs

BECKLEY W. VA. (WVVA) - Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with the holiday comes an excessive amount of food.

It may be tempting to give pets Thanksgiving leftovers, but veterinarians advise against it, as some popular foods are potentially damaging to your pet's health.

Foods such as raisins, nuts, or anything with artificial flavors and even turkey bones could be dangerous to pets.

Heather Pennington, a vet tech at Jarrell Animal Hospital, said it's best to avoid giving pets left over meat all together.

"Fatty pork and that kind of thing could put them into like distress in their bowels," said Pennington. "We always see a lot of that around this time of year and we have to get them in to get on medicine and sometimes hospitalize depending on how bad it is."

Pennington said it is best just to give their own food to avoid complications.

You can find a complete list of pet unfriendly foods here.

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