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WVU Tech Women’s Basketball staying positive during quarantine

(WVVA)- The Golden Bears Women's Basketball team will certainly have some time on their hands.

After a member of the team tested positive for COVID-19, WVU Tech shut down basketball operations and postponed a total of six games in a row. With their next scheduled game not until the end of the month, head coach Anna Kowalska has been making sure that her team stays in solid basketball shape.

"We do Zoom workouts every day," Kowalska said. "Some of our players have actually said it's harder than [regular] practicing because you have no breaks and keep doing the reps."

It's one thing to stay physically ready, but staying mentally ready has not seemed to be an issue for the Golden Bears either. Kowalska believes that even in quarantine, she and her team have never been closer.

"At midnight or one o'clock, I messaged a couple of players for like two hours, or close to two hours, and we are talking about everything. During the season that would probably not happen because we would be too tired from practicing," she said. "That might actually give us some advantages because we are starting to realize how appreciative we are of each other and this team. So I'm very thankful for that. Obviously, there are negatives, we can't play. But there are a lot of positives coming out from that."

WVU Tech's next schedule game is January 21st against Asbury University.


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