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Official says no substantiated threats to Southern W.Va. in lead up to Inauguration

BECKLEY, W.Va. (WVVA) In the wake of an FBI memo to law enforcement agencies across the country warning of possible armed protests in all 50 states, Beckley Mayor Rob Rappold said Beckley and the surrounding area have not received any specific or substantiated threats.

The FBI memo to law enforcement warned of possible activity centered around state capitols starting on Saturday and asked local authorities to share intelligence on possible threats.

"We have no reason to believe there's an alert of any type regarding potential problems or violence in our area," said Mayor Rappold.

Still, scenes of the National Guard moving into Washington, D.C., and heightened security at the Capitol are putting some local people on edge.

"Just seeing all of the Black Lives Matter riots and what happened at the Capitol last week," said Beckley student Braeden Storey of his concern.

Another student Timothy Campbell said "there's some concern being close to the Capitol, being close to the situation definitely. Our country is getting divided and that's not a good thing for what we need coming up.'

While the country may be divided as Inauguration day draws near, Mayor Rappold reassures the public that there is no indication that the turmoil tearing apart Washington will play out here.

"We maintain that vigilance. And if that should change, we're ready to respond. But it's our feeling, as has been noted on national news that the state capitols could be hot spots, but we have no reason to believe through our intelligence that there is a threat to Beckley or our general area."

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