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Justice addresses concerns and questions on repealing income tax

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WVVA) - West Virginia Governor Jim Justice responded to residents questions after proposing income tax repeal on February 10.

Justice hosted a virtual town hall on Monday to address West Virginians questions about his proposal.

"It’s about an opportunity for those who are out there making 20, 30 thousand a year," said Gov. Justice as he opened the town hall, "It’s about driving opportunity and jobs to this state like you can't imagine."

In addition to less income taxes, Justice discussed ways to make up for that money in the State budget. This would likely include an increase on tobacco and alcohol tax and the addition of a luxury tax.

When a viewer expressed concern about a luxury tax, Justice said that it would not be income redistribution.

"If you purchase one item in excess of $5,000 dollars, maybe you can go ahead and throw another $150 bucks in the collection plate," said Justice, "I think if things are really good, I think they should pay a little more.  Just throw a little more in the collection plate."

With gas prices rising nationwide, a viewer expressed their concern for the income tax repeal meaning higher taxes on gas.

“Our gas tax is high enough right now, we would not have to go any higher." Justice said.

After addressing concerns on different forms of taxation, Justice urged his constituents to keep listening as this proposal progresses.

This town hall will not be the last for income tax repeal questions, and the next one is scheduled for Wednesday evening.

Gov. Justice's next town hall will be held Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. The meeting will stream on our Facebook and website.

For the full video of Monday's town hall, click here.

For information on how to ask a question in the next town hall, click here.

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