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Green Valley-Glenwood area Boil water advisory due to “turbidity” levels exceeding limits

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(MERCER COUNTY)- Officials from at the Green Valley- Glenwood Public Service District Plant say the current boil water advisory started Sunday after water clarity and color registered above acceptable levels for consumption directly from their customers taps.

"We found out that the coagulation chemicals that we use, has been setting too long for the manufacture it didn't work in our plant, so we had to go to another water source where we have good chemical to use and bring the plant back to line. Our water has been good since Sunday evening, and we've brought out turbidity levels down. We're still mandated by the health department to go by their regulations. They require us to do bacterial testing and that's what we're doing now, and just wanting on the results," General Manger of Green Valley- Glenwood PSD, Marty Mariotti said.

The advisory impacts nearly 7,000 Mercer County residents. Some worry about using their water, so they're getting it elsewhere.

"We're not supposed to take showers in this water. So we drove to Princeton where her son lives for us to take a shower. We're going to be safe rather than sorry", which I've already taken a shower in this stuff we're not supposed to. If it's not harmful for you, then why would they have a boil water advisory," Mercer County resident, Darryl Gibson said.

Mariotti says the chemicals are harmless.

"We've heard stories in the office that there was some type of chemical or poison in the water. That is completely false. It was just the clarity and the color, and that's the only reason we had to issue a boil water advisory," Mariotti said.

Sanitation workers at the Mercer County Health Department says you should boil your water for at least one minute.

"They need to bring the water to a roaming boil. It needs to boil for one minute, then they can cut it off and cool and then it's good for 24 hours," Sanitation worker, Carl Carter said.

The PSD hopes to life the boil water advisory by this Friday, February 26th.

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