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McDowell and Buchanan Saturation Patrol leads to multiple arrests

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From left: Lisa Day, Don McClanahan, Ronald Stacy, Aaron Addair

MCDOWELL COUNTY, W.Va. (WVVA) The McDowell and Buchanan Sheriff's Offices conducted a Saturation Patrol on their county lines after receiving numerous complaints about drug use in the area.

Four individuals were arrested by McDowell County Deputies.

Lisa Day of Jolo was arrested for maintaining a dwelling for the use of selling narcotics. Day was arraigned and a $10,000 bond was set.

Don McClanahan of Jolo was arrested on warrants for Fugitive of Justice from Buchanan, Virginia. He was arraigned and no bond was set. McClanahan is awaiting transportation back to Virginia.

Ronald Stacy of Jolo was arrested for driving on a license that was revoked because of a DUI. A bond of $500 was set. Stacy made bond and is awaiting trial.

Aaron Addair of Raysol was arrested for Prohibited Person Carrying a Firearm. Addair is out on bond and is awaiting trial.

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