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Hometown Hero: Betty Giles

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HINTON W. VA. (WVVA) - Betty Giles moved to Hinton in 1958, and since then , she has played an active role in serving the community.

Giles said this love of service stems from her childhood growing up in a coal mining community.

"All the kids did things around together, and so our parents showed us that you took care of your neighbor, if they were sick, you visited," said Giles. "If they needed food, you sent food."

Giles' dedication to helping others was even reflected in her fifty three year career, where she worked in a hospital from age 17 to age 70.

"From there, I just got interested in helping others, you could see when they hurt, you needed something to, someone to help them."

She also served others by doing many community service projects such as being instrumental in starting Hinton's first and only food pantry at the Presbyterian church, where she still actively serves today.

"You can see the need in the people who come to the food pantry, and you can.... you know, they're always so appreciative that you had food," said Giles.

Some of her other acts of service include, distributing items to a local nursing home during the pandemic, and always being available to serve the people in her church and her community.

Giles said that no matter the service, it is something she is planning to continue doing.

When she isn't serving others through her acts of kindness, she's fighting for social causes.

"We marched with the teachers in support of their pay raise, I think they deserve more than they get," said Giles. "We marched with the Black Lives Matter."

She adds the key to service and standing up for social causes is being willing to learn.

"I think the more you learn about where you are, and what goes on around you, the more help you can be to people," said Giles.

At 86 years old, she said she won't be slowing down any time soon.

"The Good Lord has let me live this long, so I'll continue to keep doing what I'm doing as long as I am able," said Giles.

Her over fifty years in the medical field, decades of serving the community, and standing up for social justices is what makes Betty Giles a Hometown Hero. But, Giles said she doesn't take full credit for her acts of service.

"I didn't do anything by myself, nothing," said Giles. "There was always other people involved."

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