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Tazewell County schools sweep All-Southwest District honors

(WVVA) - All three individual Southwest District football honors went to members of Tazewell County schools, while a combined 27 slots on the All-SWD First Team were filled by players from Graham, Tazewell and Richlands.

Graham's Justin Fritz earned Offensive Player of the Year honors at running back, while the Bulldogs' Josiah Jordan earned Defensive Player of the Year from his spot at defensive back.

Tony Palmer led the G-Men to a 5-1 record this season, and an undefeated regular season. He earned Coach of the Year honors in the district.

The All-Southwest District football rosters are as follows:

First Team Offense

QB - Jamir Blevins (Graham/Sr.)

C - Chase Hodges (Tazewell/Sr.)

OL - Brody Meadows (Graham/Jr.)

OL - Josh Herndon (Tazewell/Sr.)

OL - Trent Ray (Lebanon/Sr.)

OL - Connor Roberts (Graham/So.)

RB - Justin Fritz (Graham/Sr.)

RB - Chance Harris (Tazewell/Sr.)

RB - Stevie Thomas (Virginia High/Sr.)

WR - Xayvion Turner-Bradshaw (Graham/Jr.)

WR - Sage Webb (Richlands/Jr.)

WR - Josiah Jordan (Tazewell/Sr.)

TE - Jake Altizer (Richlands/Sr.)

K - Isaiah Bandy (Richlands/So.)

KR - Sage Webb (Richlands/Jr.)

UTIL - Alden Ward (Lebanon/Sr.)

First Team Defense

DL - Connor Roberts (Graham/So.)

DL - Josh Herndon (Tazewell/Sr.)

DL -Bryce Taylor (Richlands/Jr.)

DE - Jayden Taylor (Tazewell/Sr.)

DE - Zach Blevins (Graham/Jr.)

LB - Alden Ward (Lebanon/Sr.)

LB - Brayden Meadows (Graham/So.)

LB -Jake Altizer (Richlands/Sr.)

LB - Chance Harris (Tazewell/Sr.)

DB - Josiah Jordan (Tazewell/Sr.)

DB - Ethan Church (Graham/Jr.)

DB - Jared Mullins (Tazewell/Jr.)

DB - Cassius Harris (Tazewell/So.)

P - Jayden Taylor (Tazewell/Sr.)

PR - Sage Webb (Richlands/Jr.)

UTIL - Hunter Hertig (Lebanon/Sr.)

Second Team Offense

Quarterback Gavin Cox Richlands JR

Quarterback Hunter Hertig Lebanon SR

Quarterback Brody Jones Virginia SO

Quarterback Gavin Nunley Tazewell SR

Center Bo Tarter Richlands SR

Center Ethan Alvis Graham SO

O. Lineman Issac Cole Richlands SR

O. Lineman Camden Principe Virginia SR

O. Lineman Aaron Jackson Graham SR

O. Lineman Cody Dolin Graham SO

O. Lineman Octavius Pridgen Tazewell JR

O. Lineman Travis Brewster Tazewell SR

O. Lineman Jayden Taylor Tazewell SR

Running Back Alden Ward Lebanon SR

Running Back Logan Steel Richlands SR

Receiver Braden Watkins Graham SO

Receiver David Brown Graham JR

Receiver Zach Dales Graham SR

Receiver Anthony Houchins Lebanon SR

Receiver Patrick Poku Virginia SO

Receiver Ben Calhoun Marion SR

Tight End Zach Blevins Graham JR

Tight End Caleb McGlothlin Lebanon SR

Tight End Brody Taylor Marion SO

Kicker Tanner Wimmer Tazewell SR

Kicker Ben Morgan Graham JR

Kick Returner Cassius Harris Tazewell SO

Kick Returner Zach Hertig Lebanon SR

Kick Returner Xayvion Turner – Bradshaw Graham JR

O. All-Purpose Dylan Brown Richlands SO

Second Team Defense

D. Lineman Brody Meadows Graham JR

D. Lineman Aaron Jackson Graham SR

D. Lineman Trent Ray Lebanon SR

D. Lineman Camden Principe Virginia SR

D. Lineman Daylin Johnson Virginia SR

D. Lineman Kavonta Smith Virginia JR

D. Lineman Landon Mabe Marion JR

D. Lineman Hagen Cochran Tazewell JR

Defensive End Justin Fritz Graham SR

Defensive End Issac Cole Richlands SR

Defensive End Caleb McGlothlin Lebanon SR

Defensive End Kaizon Taylor Tazewell JR

Linebacker Sean Hughes Graham FR

Linebacker Brian Huggins Graham SO

Linebacker David Brown Graham JR

Linebacker Bo Tarter Richlands SR

Linebacker Zach Hertig Lebanon SR

Linebacker Ajanni Delaney Virginia JR

Linebacker Dominic Norris Virginia SR

Linebacker Luke Pruitt Marion SR

Linebacker James Huffman Tazewell SO

Linebacker Ethan McDaniel Tazewell SR

Defensive Back Zach Dales Graham SR

Defensive Back Xayvion Turner-Bradshaw Graham JR

Defensive Back Braden Watkins Graham SO

Defensive Back Sage Webb Richlands JR

Defensive Back Dylan Brown Richlands SO

Defensive Back Ethan Lester Richlands SR

Defensive Back Hunter Hertig Lebanon SR

Defensive Back Conner Davidson Virginia SO

Defensive Back Tanner Wimmer Tazewell SR

Punter Ethan Lester Richlands SR

Punter Xayvion Turner-Bradshaw Graham JR

Punt Returner Xayvion Turner-Bradshaw Graham JR

Punt Returner Cassius Harris Tazewell SO

D. All-Purpose Luke Pruitt Marion SR

Nick Dugan

Sports Director

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