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Family marketplace helps families save while getting ready for Summer

BECKLEY, W.Va. (WVVA) In the months leading up to the Family Marketplace Consignment sale, more than a hundred families start collecting toys, shoes, and all the other things kids need to live happy and healthy.

Then, in the week leading up to the Family Marketplace Consignment Sale, consigners bring in their stuff, put it on racks, and take home a check. It all then goes on sale for the special two-day event that happens twice a year.

Shopper Aimee Cancel never misses it. "I now have backups, more laundry but it's okay because they have what they need! With five kids, it adds up!

This year, the two-day event was held at the Memorial Baptist Church at 1405 South Kanawha Street in Beckley. While prices are between 50-80 percent off of the retail price, on the last day (Saturday) all prices are half off.

"You want to be there as early as you can on the first day. But they do put out new items on each day so the goal is to go every day if you can," explained consigner and shopper Jennifer Smith.

By reusing items, the event helps local families keep the environment cleaner while leaving money in their bank accounts," explained event organizer Amanda Arnold.

"Our consigners also help run the event. They take home the majority of the profits made. So it's really neighbor helping neighbor. It is money that all goes back to the community, to Church, to rent, to local families. And we work with a bunch of charities to fill their donation closets."

The event will run until 8 p.m. on Saturday. However, for those who missed out, there will be another event in November. Check out the 'Family Marketplace Consignment Sale' on Facebook to learn more.

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