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WVVA General Manager, Frank Brady, retires

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BLUEFIELD, W. Va. (WVVA) - Friday marks General Manager Frank Brady's last day with WVVA. He's had a long-tenured career in the broadcast media industry, 47 years.

"Frank is really what broadcasting is all about," Ralph Oakley, Quincy Media CEO, said.

It's a career that landed him right here, in the two Virginias.

"The one thing that I can remember that I've always told Frank is that he chose to live here in the two Virginias, and I've always respected that about him because a lot of people don't do that," Charity Holman, WVVA General Sales Manager, said.

And while it's been a successful run, with plenty of awards on the shelf... no trophy will amount to the lives he's touched.

"Frank as a friend... well, I don't think anyone's met Frank that could not count him as a friend," Rod Mayberry, Toys for Tots Coordinator, said.

"He's just the kind of guy, immediately, you warm up to him and appreciate what a fine person he is," Oakley said.

"Frank's one of those bosses, that, he's definitely not a micromanager," Holman said. "But he's always there, and I will miss that part of him."

Frank has impacted many communities.

"When I started getting involved with Toys for Tots, Frank was already leading the charge," Mayberry said. "He's been the one consistent force for the whole thing, year after year after year. Without Frank, we'd still be doing it in someone's garage somewhere, I'm sure. He's helped us grow it to what it is today."

"It's almost beyond comprehension really, you now... some of the specifics, he's worked closely with the Mercer County Development Authority, which is a real, quality of life, building the community, issue," Oakley, said.

With plenty of memories along the way.

"I called Frank and told him that the transmitter was off, and I needed someone to go with me on top of the mountain to see if we could fix it," Danny Via, WVVA Chief Engineer, said. "This was Christmas Eve morning, and there was about 18-24 inches of snow on top of the mountain. At the time, we had a little engineering Jeep, and I met Frank here, in the parking lot, and it was quite the ride up to the gate."

It's a well-deserved retirement...

"He's worked a long time, and he deserves every minute," Holman said.

But, a difficult goodbye...

"Frank, we wish you the best. We love you," Mayberry said.

"I have been dreading this week for awhile," Holman said. "He has definitely been a mentor to me, and I just... I admire him so much."

He's someone who has left a lasting impact in the two Virginias.

"Wherever he's been, he has helped the community," Oakley said. "And I can't think of a better legacy than that."

Frank is someone who has always been... "Here for You."

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