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Bluefield Postman awarded the Postmaster General Hero Award

BLUEFIELD, W.Va (WVVA)- Postmen seem to be the unsung heroes in our society. They can make your day by simply doing their job or by asking, how are you. However, some in Bluefield went the extra mile to help people in their community.

Members of the Bluefield Post office gathered early Tuesday. Honoring postmen and women who served their above and beyond their call of duty.

Carrie Markle, Houston Coburn, and Adam White all received recognition awards for their outstanding performance in the field and performing acts that don't necessarily fit the description of "delivering mail."

Markle, helped a family that was broken down on the side of the road by getting them food so that the mother didn't have to leave her kids.

Coburn was on his route when he saw a dog that looked to be in an abusive home. He then contacted authorities, who went on to rescue that dog. White, noticed a customer on his route had their mail piling up and had the courtesy to check in with them. The family turned out to be on vacation, but a good deed nonetheless.

Mark Pentasuglia drove 1 million accident free miles for the USPS, which earned him a distinction in his own right.

However, Postman Robert Williams stood above the rest, winning the Postmaster General Hero Award. The officer in charge on the Bluefield Post Office, Amy Law, says.

"The award that Robert received today, The Postmaster General Heroes Award. It's something that's not common. It's something that has to be voted upon, and it's something that is just so unusual for someone to receive. They call it the heroes corner."

Williams is the first Bluefield postal worker in Bluefield, WV to receive the award. He earned this recognition, after he noticed one of his customers on his route's mail started piling up over several days. He went on to contact authorities for a wellness check. They discovered that they found the customer passed away in their home.

Williams was not prepared for such an award, saying. "I'm a little speechless, I wasn't expecting none of this. I just like to take care of my customers and make sure they're all okay, I always worry about them."

Williams plans to continue doing what he does best... Take care of the customers on his route and strengthen his ties to them, saying.

"Try to make a good relationship with the community. I know in the summer, a lot of them take care of me with water and snacks. And I try and give them the best service I can."

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