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New lines extended to Wyoming County water system

HERNDON, W.Va. (WVVA) Three years ago, we first brought you the story of Herndon Community Water, a water system with more violations of the Clean Water Act than any other water system in the U.S.

At that time, Herndon Community Water was simply a bunch of neighbors helping neighbors pump water from a nearby mine. For years, they had treated and tested the water. But as the residents grew older, their efforts to keep up compliance faltered.

By 2018, the water system led the nation in violations, not necessarily because the water was bad, but because residents could no longer test and report the results.

"We treated it and did all we could, but then we just couldn't do no more," explained resident Charlotte Ford, who helped operate the system with her husband and neighbor.

The Logan County PSD has since stepped up to help, extending lines to the majority of residents in the area with the exception of two homes that are in a trickier location. A spokesperson for the district said the PSD is hoping to have the last two remaining residents finished soon. The district has purchased a pump for $30,000 to extend coverage up hill and is awaiting right-of-way rights from the Pocahontas Land Company.

Danny Sink, 72, is one of the last remaining two residents still in need of water. Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, he has to haul every drop he uses.

"I have to carry it all by jugs from half a mile from here. Everyday things you have to have for water, I don't have like flushing the commode, bathing in the shower....if I don't carry it, I don't get it."

With the equipment to extend the line already purchased, a spokesperson for the PSD said they hope to extend water to Sink's home as soon as they can secure the necessary right-of-way.

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