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Princeton Community Hospital debuts a new tool to improve orthopedic surgery

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PRINCETON, W.Va. (WVVA)- Princeton Community Hospital is integrating a tool that looks to revolutionize orthopedic surgery in southern West Virginia.

The tool is called MAKO and is manufactured by Stryker. MAKO improved the accuracy of hip and knee replacement. This gives surgeons the opportunity to personalize the surgeries for improvements in pain management and healing post operation.

Philip Branson, M.D. told us How MAKO will improve these procedures.

"What the robot then allows us to do is to translate that very personal, individual plan into the operating room. Then the robotic arm assists us in making the cuts so that we execute the plan that we did digitally. the second step is, we in surgery can actually evaluate the results. The alignment and the balance. All the factors that contribute to a patient having a successful result."

The price tag for MAKO is around 2.2 million dollars. President and CEO of Princeton Community Hospital says, it's an investment to better the health of residents here in southern West Virginia.

"Obviously when you're purchasing a robot it's an expensive investment. But, at the same time it's an investment in this community. We're committed to being invested in this community. We're committed to the healthcare of the people in this region."

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