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New vaccine mandates could affect local small businesses

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MERCER COUNTY, W.Va. (WVVA)- In Mercer County, several businesses in the area have expressed concerns over the Biden Administration's new vaccine mandate.

The new mandate requires business with over 100 employees to be fully vaccinated. The potential consequences for not following the new mandates could result in fines of $13,600 dollars per violation. The new mandates are in accordance with OSHA rules.

The Director of the Mercer County Development Authority John O'Neal said that those consequences could be detrimental to small businesses in the Mountain State.

"Trying to get their employees to comply with this is going to be very difficult. For a number of employers, they indicate as many as 50% of their employees are currently not vaccinated, and don't intent to be vaccinated. There's stiff fines for these business owners if they don't comply. Also, there's the whole issue of we're in a very tight labor market right now."

As of right now, the mandates are receiving opposition in state courts. Nothing final has been put in place as of now. We'll continue to update you on the vaccine mandates as we receive the information.

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Glenn Kittle

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