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Final days of summer

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BLUEFIELD, W.Va. (WVVA) - As summer 2021 comes to a close, we were wondering how the hottest season of the year went for you.

We asked people what their favorite memories were of this summer and here are some responses.

"Been doing a lot. Been camping and riding motorcycles across the mountains. It's just been a really nice summer."

Linda Shinault

"Summer of 2021 I had the distinct pleasure and honor of performing in Twelfth-night with Concord's Appalachian Shakespeare project. I played the villain, Malvolio."

Karen Harvey

Unfortunately, not everything about this summer was good. Here are some responses from people on their least favorite memories of the summer of 2021.

"Let my dog out one night and she's a little one and there was a bear in front of my deck and it got her. But she's a little scrappy thing so you know she pulled through"

Linda Shinault

"Yeah, I caught Covid. I was actually a statistic that caught Covid. I've been pretty big on that now you know trying to stay safe and hope everybody else stays safe so."

Patrick Flack Jr.

There is still one week left this summer so make sure to get out there and enjoy it. Here is what some are planning on doing.

"Yeah I'm going to North Carolina this weekend with my family to go have another family trip and that's about it for this summer. Yes sir!"

Isiah Booker

"I'm going riding again this weekend and got another ball game to attend also. So you know staying busy."

Linda Shinault

"Hopefully we'll get to go to the Beaver Graham game! We hope they get to do that so that's my big. I'm hopefully looking forward to that."

Patrick Flack Jr.

Some were happy about the warm summer this year and others... not so much.

"I love summer. I love the heat!"

Margie Edwards

"I like the summer. I don't like the high eighties. It could stay in the seventies for me all the time and I would absolutely love it!"

Linda Shinault

We are now a week away from the start of autumn. We hope you had a great summer and make the best out of what's left.

Collin Rogers

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