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School’s out early Friday for faculty senate meetings, mandated by state


MERCER COUNTY, W.Va. (WVVA) - Mercer County Schools will dismiss students two-hours early on Friday for faculty senate meetings planned throughout the year.

These meetings are held before the opening and closing of school in October, December, February and April.

Faculty senate meetings allow staff to talk about test data and bench mark data -- as well as attendance issues and planned school-wide events.

Data and Information Specialist Amy Harrison said the meetings are state mandated, and it affords teachers an opportunity to work together to enhance school learning for students.

"So that gives our teachers time to, just improve their curriculum and improve their teaching, and those are two-hour early dismissals," she said. "Like I said, every other month to discuss things they can do to increase achievement."

A two-hour early dismissal for principals to meet for professional development are planned for months there isn't a faculty senate meeting.

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