Raleigh County sewer project to bring service to hundreds of residents

ECCLES/ HARPER, W.Va. (WVVA) The Raleigh County Commission is laying the groundwork to bring sewer service to hundreds of residents. 

The commission and the Crab Orchard Public Service Dist. interviewed engineers this week for the design phase of a project to put a sewer system in Harper and Eccles. The design phase of the project is expected to cost the county $350,000. 

"I could take it or leave it," said Harper resident Rose Rhodes who worries about dealing with a sewer bill. Still, Rhodes understands there are areas around her where a sewer system is desperately needed.

"It might help some of the people in the neighborhoods, where houses are in blocks and the septic tanks are in the middle of their yard seeping into the houses below them."

According to Raleigh County Commission Pres. Dave Tolliver, the project is not just a matter of convenience but a public safety matter.

"There’s also a lot of clay under the homes in Raleigh County. Clay will not absorb the water coming out of a septic tank. If the water can’t soak into the soil, it goes to the top and you have a health problem."

Once the project is complete, Tolliver said 350 residents in the area will for the first time have access to county sewer service. "It’s a win-win for everybody, especially when it comes to health problems and the sewer coming up out of the ground."

The commission next plans to tackle Glen Daniel after the sewer lines to Harper and Eccles are complete. 



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