Man in Ronceverte PD video speaks out

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(Ronceverte, W. VA.) WVVA – Police footage from inside the Ronceverte police station appears to show the Ronceverte police chief J. R. Byers striking a man in the face with his foot. Gavin Alderman, the man from the video, speaks out.

Alderman described his memory of what was happening in the police station that night. He said, “We get in there, and I was sitting in the chair, and I was wondering why there was a guy in there shirtless, you know. So he was just like- I was already paranoid- so he just kinda made me more freaked out. And as he walked out of the room the only thing I remembered was back there was a door to the place. So I went to get up not knowing I was shackled because I was high on drugs, and I go out that way to go look and I hit the floor. And I just remembered him walking up to me and I don’t really remember anything after he gets close to my face. And then all I remember is them saying I need to go to the hospital and get checked out so I’m wondering why they’re saying that as well.”

Alderman says his memory blanks after Chief Byers approached him that night at the police station. Alderman says he thinks he was kicked. “It surely looks like it. For him to walk up to someone and it to be a step. He surely raised his foot pretty high for it to be a step.”

Since that day, Alderman says he has stayed out of trouble, hoping one last charge from that night will be dismissed. Alderman has also moved out of state and didn’t want his face to be shown so he can move on from this moment.

As for Chief Byers, Alderman said, “I don’t want him to lose his job but if that’s how he’s treating people?”

Haley Brown

Haley Brown

Multimedia Journalist

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