Here’s a guide to pronunciations in Virginia news


Accomac (town) Accomack (county) (AK’-ah-mak)

Amissville (AY’-mis-vihl)

Aquia Harbor (ah-KWY’-ah)

Ararat (AYR’-ah-rat)

Basye (BAY’-see)

Botetourt (BAHT’-uh-tawt)

Buchanan County (buhk-AN’-un)

Buena Vista (BYOO’-nah VIHS’-tah)

Crozet (kroh-ZAY’)

Fauquier (faw-KEER’)

Fluvanna (floo-VAN’-ah)

Ft. Belvoir (BEHL’-vwahr)

Ft. Eustis (YOOS’-tihs)

Galax (GAY’-laks)

Giles (jyls) County

Gloucester (GLAWS’-tur)

Gore (gohr)

Goshen (GOH’-shen)

Grottoes (GRAH’-tohs)

Haysi (hay-SY’)

Iaeger (YAY’-guhr)

Jarratt (JEHR’-iht)

Kilmarnock (kihl-MAHR’-nawk)

Louisa (loh-WEE’-sah)

Luray (loo-RAY’)

McGaheysville (mik-GAYK’-es-vihl)

Moneta (moh-NEE’-tah)

Nottoway (NAH’-toh-way)

Occoquan (AH’-koh-kwahn).

Onancock (oh-NAN’-kawk)

Powhatan (POW’-hah-tan)

Pulaski (pyoo-LAS’-kee)

Sussex (SUHS’-ihks)

Saluda (sah-LOO’-dah)

Smyth (smith)

Swoope (swohp)

Staunton (STAN’-tuhn)

Tappahannock (TAP’-ah-HAN’-uhk)

Tazewell (TAZ’-wehl)

Toano (toh-AN’-oh)

Wythe (with)

Wytheville (WITH’-vihl)


USS Bataan (buh-TAN’)

USS Kearsarge (KEER’-sarj)

USS Ponce (pahn-SAY’)

Here are the basic sounds represented by the phonetic symbols in the pronunciation guide:

Vowel Sounds:

a — apple, bat

ah — father, hot

ahr — part, car

aw — law, long

ay — ace, fate

e — bed

ehr — merry

ee — see, tea

i — pin, middle

oh — go, oval

oo — food, two

ow — cow

oy — boy

or — for, floor

u — foot, put

uh — puff

ur — burden, curl

y, eye — ice, time


g — got, beg

j — gem, job

k — cap, keep

ch — chair

s — see

sh — shut

y — yes

z — zoom

zh — mirage

kh — guttural “k”

Some tips on pronouncers:

— a long “o” is OH, not OW (bowtie boh tye)

— long “a” is AY

— long “e” is EE

— long “i” is EYE

— long “u” is YOO

— use a “j” for a “j” sound, not a “g”

— a “k” is used for a hard “k” sound, not a “c”

Associated Press

Associated Press

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